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Summer in Review

I’ve alluded several times in recent blogs about various health issues that have cropped up this summer for both Earl and me. Let me share the sunny side of these past three months where we stayed closer to home.

My flower gardens were spectacular. Perennials and annuals joined together to provide a wonderful ongoing splash of color every week. We’ve had blooming plants from the first tulip through the soon-to-arrive mums. And, had we not been here, that wouldn’t have happened; because the well our sprinkler system drew from broke in mid-July. I’ve watered by hand many a night to make sure the flowers were sated.

I enjoyed playing piano without having to prepare for a lesson since I took the summer off as far as formal study was concerned. This means I played what I wanted, when I wanted, how I wanted. Or not, as the spirit moved me.

I read and read and read. Got caught up on many of the magazine subscriptions that find their way to our mailbox. Promised myself I’d not re-up. And didn’t.

Earl and I did a jigsaw puzzle a week on average. And a mostly weekly Date Night. Tonight, for instance, we visited Lake Street Eats in Bridgman for hamburgers. Then we came home to watch baseball. Which means summer isn’t actually over, because we’re still rooting for the Chicago Cubs.

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