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The vote on whether to approve military action (or not) against Syria is a moving target.  The last I heard it was scheduled for “some time this week,” although previous dates were more specific. Maybe the President and Congress hope it will all go away.  It won’t.

I heard today that more than sixty-five percent of the American people are against going to war.  I don’t know where that number came from, but judging from conversations I’ve had with friends I believe it’s true.  The public is not behind this effort.  Maybe those of us who live outside the Washington beltway have learned our lessons. War is not friendly to children and other living things; only profiteers thrive.

For me, it doesn’t matter when the vote is taken, because all this jockeying hasn’t change my mind.  War against Syria is a bad idea, no matter whether the government has used chemical warfare or not.  I thought so early on; I still think so.  In fact, I’ve contacted my two Senators and the Representative in whose district I reside.  I hope I’ve made it clear.

If any one of them votes to go to war against Syria, I shall respond by voting for any of their opponents. In primaries; in general elections. One hundred percent of the time.

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