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Ten Days and Counting

Ten days from today is Christmas.  I’m imagining that Joseph and Mary were as frantic two thousand plus years ago as I feel now.  They were on their way to Bethlehem to register for the census, even though she was due to give birth. I’m not a Biblical scholar, so I don’t know what was really involved in their situation; but it does seem as if the Emperor, Caesar Augustus, added an extra wrinkle to their lives.

I can sympathize.  I wrote on December 6 that I was scaling back this year.  And I have. At the same time, I still feel rushed. The holiday train needs batteries; the door wreathes have gone missing; some of the gifts I ordered via catalog have yet to arrive. I’m also working more than usual at a time that is already busy.

So I must find my mantra. Is it “It is what it is”?  Is it “It will all get done”?  Or “Don’t fret the small stuff; it’s all small stuff”? Or “Let the chips fall”?

I haven’t decided, but I suspect I have more options than Mary did.

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