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The Age of Hyperbole

You’ve GOT to read this! Watch this to the end and you’ll cry! The best invention EVER!

These are teasers that have come across my radar lately. They’re everywhere.

The BEST improvement in history! Redbox on crack! (I didn’t make this one up.) What will YOU buy with your $50 Easter gift?

If you use the internet or have email, you’re bombarded with messages like these daily. Mostly they’re advertisers trying to get your attention. But the thing is that everyone uses language so over the top, that the promises can never be meet. They can’t even be verified.

When someone says, “You’ve GOT to read this!” I mentally ask myself “Why?” If I break down and read it, I still ask the same question at the end. When I’m told that if I watch to the end of the video, I’ll cry, I know I probably won’t. I don’t watch at all. And when I’m told it’s the best invention EVER, I want empirical proof? Not only that, the proof must be verifiable too.

Other synonyms for ‘hyperbole’ are: exaggeration, overstatement, magnification, embellishment, excess, overkill, and rhetoric. Granted, these all fall short of lying, deceiving, alternate facting, cheating, and being unethical.

Still . . . as a nation it’s sad that we’re addicted to such language.

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