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The Beginning

I have a friend who reads my blog occasionally, so when she does she reads large sections of it at once.  Recently she said, “I’d like to go back and start with the first entry and read them in order, but there is no chronological listing on your website.”

I revamped my blog a couple years ago and did away with the chronological listing because a list with fifteen-hundred entries seemed cumbersome. Instead, there is a search field just under the menu buttons.  At the time, I thought this was a good substitute; but now I realize if you don’t know the name of a blog entry it’s useless.

I’m considering some changes once again; they’ll appear over the next couple months.  In the meantime, if there is anyone else who wants to begin at the beginning, the first blog on May 20, 2004 is titled “Gauging Voices.”  Type that into the field below the menu buttons and hit “Search.”

A word of warning: Should you plan to read the record of the last ten years of my life, know that there are more words in it than in War and Peace.

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