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The Boat

I can never tell if boaters are an extremely creative group with a high command of the English language or simply in love with poor puns. What I do know is that they name their boats in ways that make me groan.

Every morning here in Florida I pass a marina as I walk to the pool at the main resort. This morning was no exception. On the return trip to our condo, I sipped my coffee (a reward for swimming half an hour) and studied the boats that were moored (Is this the correct word?) in the marina.

Granted this is a sampling of one marina, but here are some of the names of the boats.Nauti Escape. Legasea. H2-Uh-Oh!, Seafari, Reel Love. I’m sure you can hear my mental cringe.

Of course, I’m a purist in other ways when it comes to language. I don’t abbreviate when I text, and about the only symbols I use are the X for kisses and O for hugs at the end of certain emails. I spellcheck those emails before I send them too.

It’s not that I don’t love a good pun, but seeing so many close together in one marina makes me wonder if it’s a prerequisite for owning a big boat. And, to buck the trend, if I ever own one, I’m going to name it simply “The Boat.”

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