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The Bog

Earl and I eat at The Cranberry Bog about once a month.  It’s the bar inside the restaurant more familiarly known as Grande Mere Inn.  And while GMI features windows that look onto Lake Michigan and offer spectacular sunsets, (when there aren’t clouds or grey skies) The Bog looks onto the highway. That is, if it actually had windows.  But it doesn’t. Instead, it’s a cozy space with high tops (a fancy word for tables at bar height with bar stools) and a reduced menu.  It suits us perfectly.

Tonight, for example, Earl enjoyed a Wisconsin cheese soup and blackened swordfish.  I took the salad instead of the soup, but also requested the swordfish.  The thing is, neither of us got an entire slab of fish, some of which would end up in doggie cartons.  Rather, we had a reasonable portion with our sides and enjoyed the entire thing.  It was wonderful.

We’ve been to The Bog enough to observe the patrons.  And meet the wait staff. And sample the various items on the reduced menu.  I recommend that if you’re in the neighborhood you do the same.

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