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The Chainsmokers

A week ago today I was in Minneapolis waiting for my son to cross the Twin Cities Marathon finish line. We’d had a wonderful weekend together, and I had mental material for several blogs. One was about the Chainsmokers, an American DJ band, that was performing at the venue across from our hotel. Another was about a brewery we visited. And the view from our hotel window that framed the beautiful Cathedral of St. Paul. And, of course, there was the race experience itself.

None of these blogs got written; in fact I’ve posted only one entry since returning home. It’s not that I’m overwhelmed with projects or that I haven’t wanted to write. In fact, I don’t really know what it is, but my keyboard and I have been estranged.

Hopefully, it’s short lived, although I probably won’t blog about the Chainsmokers. They don’t seem as relevant as they did last weekend. Still, the name baffles me and so does the group’s official website. Maybe you should just see for yourself by visiting www.thechainsmokers.com.

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