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The Gawkers

Our road is still pretty much under water; in fact, the local authorities have put a sign up that the road is closed except for local traffic.

But that hasn’t stopped the gawkers from driving by. I know they’re gawkers because I’m familiar with most of the families who live on our road and I recognize most of their automobiles. In addition, most of us who live here have been smart enough the past two days not to venture forth, what with water covering the road, logs lodged in precarious places along it, and no ability to see where the road ends and the ditches on both sides start.

Gawkers, on the other hand, drive by in their pick-up trucks and stare out their windows. (Pick-up trucks have been the only vehicles high enough to navigate the watery road without concern.) Some of them point at various lawns or houses. They go to the end of the road, turn around and drive back out. I feel as if my personal problems are on public display.

Most likely the novelty of a river overrunning its bank will wear off for these gawkers in a couple more days, as the waters recede and only the debris remains. In their place, we should see the mail delivery person and the local newspaper delivery person once again. I for one can’t wait.

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