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The Perfect Summer

The casual end of summer – as opposed to the official calendar end on September 21 – occurred yesterday.  Not only was it a glorious finale, it was also a spectacular summer from beginning to end in our part of the country.

Earl and I have long commented that summer in Michigan is special; yet, most years found us roaming elsewhere.  We’ve gone to Canada, Alaska, Yellowstone, upstate New York., some of these places more than once.   Each was special, but we always returned wondering what we’d missed in our home state.

This summer we stayed put.  And here’s what we didn’t miss.

Fresh corn, picked in the morning, that I purchased at more than one local roadway fruitstand. We devoured it the same day.  Currently I have half a dozen ears I plan to blanch and freeze for winter.

Piggott’s tomatoes, the best in the county.  I’d heard about them for ages, but actually got to eat them this year. The largest, reddest geraniums I’ve ever planted. And the yellowest, fullest black eyed Susans. The Berrien County Youth Fair in August.  The upcoming Allegan County Fair this coming weekend. Sitting on our patio watching the sun go down. Sleeping with the windows open instead of with the drone of the air conditioner.

Fourth of July at friends’ home on the bluff where we saw fireworks explode over Lake Michigan without having to deal with the hassle of thousands of spectators crammed onto the beach.

Various small trips around the state to learn more about the place where we live.  We visited the Rouge Plan in Dearborn, Greenfield Village, Bronner’s Christmas Shop in Frankenmuth, Charlevoix, Beaver Island, and Petoskey, where Earl bought a Petoskey stone as a souvenir.

But most of all, what I’ll remember is the feeling of contentment.  If this were to be my last summer on earth, it couldn’t have been more perfect.

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