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Tuning In

So far I have missed most of the pre-inaugural hoopla that occurred over the weekend. It wasn’t for lack of interest; rather it was for lack of being able to learn when various activities were televised. Our local newspaper has the annoying habit of offering an abridged version only of the evening’s programming. So if you don’t watch TV regularly — like I don’t — and catch the constant promotion of upcoming programs it’s hard for them to come on your radar.

This morning, for instance, I learned from two different friends that HBO had a wonderful concert last night. But I spent the evening reading. Not such a bad alternative, but it did point out that I need to be a little more pro-active if I want to see Obama take the oath of office in real time and not just on the evening news. I was about to Google® something like “television schedule for the inauguration,” when Earl gave me a quick lesson in how to use the “Guide” feature of our TV. I watch it so rarely, I didn’t even know you could do this. But, sure enough, programming for a couple weeks is right there under your nose with the press of a button on the remote.

Now I’m ready for tomorrow’s dawn to dusk coverage of the inauguration, the parade, and the ten official balls that President and Mrs. Obama are attending. I’ve got one other essential ingredient ready too. That would be my ironing board, and I predict I’ll be completely caught up by bedtime.

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