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I was sitting at my desk when my neighbor tapped the window. She wore a look of disbelief and pointed in the direction of the street. There was only one thing that could cause such a look. I rose from my chair and flapped my arms.  She nodded her head.

Our worst nightmare was unfolding. The geese were back with six goslings in tow, and they were waddling toward our pond and lawn like settlers staking their claim.

Anyone who reads my blog knows the battle for a goose-free yard has raged about four years, with each year seeing a rise in hostilities. Those of us who live on the pond have done everything, except get out our guns, to keep these annoying birds away. And it’s only the fact that it is illegal to shoot Canada geese that has kept even the pacifists among us from going that route.

We did, however, erect a fence around the pond about six weeks ago in the hope that the geese would find this area unacceptable. They do not like barriers between the two most important elements of their home: water and grass.

My neighbor and I watched as the parents led their flock across my lawn and stopped. I grabbed a broom and headed out the door to reiterate the point that they were not welcome. Clearly they thought I was the trespasser as they hissed and moved along. I followed and chased them around the building back to the street.

I don’t know how many more times the family will return, but I hope it gets the message soon. Otherwise, I just might risk punishment by the federal government.

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