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United Airlines

My fingers are quick to complain about airline service, or lack thereof.  They dislike flying immensely.  The rest of my body does too.  There is just too much cramped space, dry air, FAA regulations, and delays for my taste.

So when the flights I took to NYC today were actually pleasant, I felt I needed to acknowledge United Airlines for its friendly skies.

If the planes themselves were not new, both had been refurbished on the inside and were inviting, even if there wasn’t any more leg room and the same dry air penetrated.  I still had to listen to the litany of Do’s and Don’ts (one time per plane), which I can almost recite from heart.  “Seat backs and tray tables must be upright and in the locked position.”

But there were no delays. And, as an added bonus, the touch down (I never thought of the correlation to football before now) on the first flight was the smoothest I’d ever experienced.  Captain Todd sure knew how to land it in the end zone.

I haven’t flown on United in a long time, but I’m moving this airline to the priority position on my frequent flyer preferences.  Now if it would only stop using Gershwin’s  1924 composition “Rhapsody in Blue” in its commercials . . .

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