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Universal Standards

I don’t understand it, although I suspect it’s driven by money.  Some things have universal standards; others don’t.

Cases in point: Electrical outlets.  They all accommodate various cords, regardless of the appliance in question. Bridges:  They all accommodate trucks from different companies without taking the tops off some semis. Trains all use the same track. Those cup holders in cars handle Mickey D and Burger K even though they are rivals.

But there are annoying exceptions to this rule.

Cases in point: Charger cords.  Why is it that the charger for my cellphone doesn’t work with my new iPod. Or that the charger for my previous cell doesn’t work with my current one, necessitating the purchase of an additional cord when I upgrade my phone?  (Think money here.) Then there are headsets! The two I own don’t fit the new phone I have.

And child-proof caps.  If you master one, it doesn’t mean you’ll have success on the next one. Or cottage cheese containers. Some have a plastic seal around their rims, others have flip top lids.

Or fizzy beverages. Schweppes Tonic is the worst.  I need a pair of pliers and great determination to twist the cap in the right direction.

And then . . . there are women’s clothing sizes.  Why can’t a size ten be a size ten be a size ten, regardless of the brand or manufacturer?

You don’t want to get me started on this last issue.

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