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Ten minutes to write. Less time to read.


Even on vacation, I pack my laptop and spend time each day being tethered to my writing, my email inbox, and various social media.  “I’d rather do that than come home to crises or a gazillion emails,” I counter when people shake their heads.

But this past weekend I decided to unplug for the forty-eight hours my husband and I were in Indianapolis visiting his grandson and family. Instead, I packed the yarn that would be woven into a scarf for another family member when I found time to work on it.

At first, I felt stranded even in the midst of a great conversation.  My eyes searched for an electric outlet, although there was no need for one. And I almost asked what the password for the wireless was until I remembered I didn’t need that either.

By the next day, I had done several rows on the scarf, watched TV, and attended a couple basketball games. We also toured the NCAA Hall of Champions, an excellent although small museum, and enjoyed delicious hamburgers at a restaurant called B Spot. The thought of spending a couple hours in front of my computer began to recede, and I noticed how much time there was for other pursuits.

I’m not ready to give up my laptop for an extended vacation yet, but I did notice how relaxed I was with some time off the grid.

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