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Visit Spectacled Bear…

While I’m not blogging on this site for a while, you can still follow what I’m up to by visiting Spectacled Bear Publishing, a project that’s very near and dear to my heart.

Spectacled Bear is a new company I founded that’s committed to publishing gentle books for children. Our first one, Philip & Phoebe, recently hit stores, the internet, and Amazon. Currently we’re considering our second offering.

Visit the site and learn about the SB team. Meet S. Bear, who sends a weekly blog from the Andes. You’d be surprised what this bear knows. See the roll call of children who’ve given Philip & Phoebe a thumbs up. Discover that there really is a spectacled bear in the animal kingdom. And be the first to learn how Spectacled Bear is saving gentle reads from extinction one book and one reader at a time. xo, Anne

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