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As I aged – as in, my late forties – I decided vodka, especially Absolut, was my drink of choice.  Today it’s pretty much my only libation unless I’m at someone else’s home and wine or beer is served.  Then I accept what the host offers.

But this blog isn’t really about my cocktail preferences.  Rather it’s about other things vodka is good for. I found this list of vodka remedies somewhere, but I can’t give the author proper due because I didn’t capture the citation information.  So please, whoever provided this know that I acknowledge you.

Here goes.  Vodka is a good goo remover. Simply dip a paper towel in it and apply to the sticky stuff.  Or a label and its sticky stuff. Wait about a minute.  Job done.

Restore the beauty of chrome fixtures, porcelain, or glass by moistening a paper towel with vodka and rubbing them with it.  Use a spritzer bottle with a one to one ratio of water to vodka and mist the air. You have a wonderful room deodorizer. Also spritz the shower and curtain liner while you’re at it for a mold free and chemical free environment.

These suggestions led me to ponder if I should buy a small bottle of really cheap vodka so as not to waste the pricey stuff. I haven’t done this yet, but I think I shall based on the final tip I found.

To prevent bacteria growth that makes a floral bouquet wilt quickly, add a few drops of vodka every time you change the water.  The flowers stay lovelier longer.  Maybe they like a libation too.

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