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Wacker Drive Water Park

When we moved to our new home we brought the Wacker Drive Water Park with us. We could do no less with this instant family heirloom.

Earl’s son-in-law and grandson secretly absconded; no, appropriated; well, let’s say they rescued a three-foot column of the famous Wacker Drive in Chicago when it was being reconstructed several years back. Who knows where this piece of history would have ended up had they not sprung into action? The following Christmas found it in our living room at our other house.

We took the column, moved it outside in the Spring, and found a top that functioned as a birdbath. The man who mowed our lawn looked after it, since he can do anything with birds, flora, or fauna. Birds bathed and chirped in it regularly.

The WDWP has sat outside under the living room window since we moved, but no birds have visited it. We weren’t sure what we were doing wrong until Earl read an article in yesterday’s paper which, in turn, prompted a visit to a garden shop. Birds need some flat stones in the middle of the birdbath to perch on while they bathe. They also don’t like the water super high. And in the summer it’s important to change it a couple times a week.

This is Day One of the new, improved Wacker Drive Water Park. So far the birds are still skeptical, but they eventually found our feeders; so I’m confident they will eventually begin their daily baths in the water park Earl created just for them.

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