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Wal-Mart in the Morning

“Want to go to Wal-Mart with me?” Earl whispered in my ear as I tried to catch a few more zzzzzzzz. The look on my face must have required additional explanation.
“I have to pick up a few things, and the selection of vegetables and fruit is pretty good. Besides, nobody’s there at 8 AM.”

Eight AM was half an hour away, so I nodded a “Yes” which committed me to get out of bed and forsake the zzzzzzz altogether. No matter; every now and then you have to do something spontaneously. And I’d never been in Wal-Mart when nobody else was there.

I brushed my teeth and my hair, gargled the former and sprayed the latter. I also insisted that a stop at Starbuck’s be included in this morning’s shopping spree. Eager to have me along, Earl agreed.

Of course there was a l-o-n-g line at Starbuck’s, most likely composed of people who had to be at their offices by 8:30 AM. And, as Earl predicted, there was nobody at Wal-Mart.
We entered the front door and parted ways, he to get his special vitamin powder and me to examine the veggies and fruits. Fifteen minutes later, we met at check-out aisle 10 with our respective purchases.

Mine included iceberg lettuce that really wasn’t worth getting up for, spaghetti squash which is always worth getting up for, and cauliflower that will grace my dinner plate tonight. Earl found his vitamin powder and didn’t comment on its freshness. Nor did he comment on the fleece sweatshirt I found for eight dollars hanging out across from the oranges.

All in all, it was a successful hour of shopping, but we weren’t done. We topped the morning off with a visit to the local McDonald’s for a breakfast sandwich from the dollar menu. Then we went home. I’d say Earl really knows how to treat a lady!

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