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While We Were Gone

There’s a flip side to all the things we learned on our trip, and that is all the things that changed in some way in our absence. We arrived home last night to begin discovering them.

The saddest is that the little school across from where we live is closing due to budget cuts. Evidently, the students will be sent to another school, starting in September. But this means local residents won’t be going to the school to give candy to the children for Halloween or the children won’t come next year and serenade us with their Christmas music. It’s a loss for everyone.

The health club where I swim has instituted new “rules” for lap swimming. Previously, when other swimmers were waiting, you were supposed to limit your swim to half an hour. You were also supposed to put your name on a waiting list. However, many people never followed these rules. So now you must sign up for a certain time and day in advance. I’m not making a judgment yet on whether this works; however, I do think it’s a sign of what bureaucracy does when people can’t regulate themselves.

My tulips have begun to come up. I didn’t miss out their beauty; that’s at least a month away. But they are a sign that spring is on its way. In addition, we had some work done in our condo; and it was wonderful to return and find it completed without having to live in the mess as the work was done.

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