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Square Root

by Anne Brandt

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What they're saying about The Square Root of Someone...

Ms. Brandt has a no-nonsense way of conveying touching and funny situations. From tales of childhood, to tales of dating and life in general, you think to yourself "yeah, I can relate." She does this without boring us and without a "poor me" attitude. In fact, you learn as she and her characters "learn."

Delightful read and a book you will want to keep and read again.

* * *

There are no belly-laughs in this book--nor are there any debilitating excursions into extreme angst. Just thoughtful, insightful essays on the business of living, including friendships, relationships between parents and children, what it feels like to be criticized when one is little, getting older, reunions, and what happens when your significant other goes after the dream of a lifetime. (Brandt saves the best for last as the final chapter, on when the author's boyfriend decides to become a policeman late in life, alone makes the book worth reading.) A compilation of essays in the Molly Ivins tradition, The Square Root of Someone gives you your money's worth.

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