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Kristy Brown from Oklahoma City asks...
Since our cell phones these days have text messaging it is common to use the word text as a verb. We were wondering how to pronounce the word texted in the past tense. For example, if I were to say "i texted him." would i say texted and pronounce the word text, or text-ed?
Anne answers...
Actually, while 'text' may be used as a verb in the cellphone world, it has not reached dictionary status yet. Text, for all real purposes, is still just a noun.

So if you want to be grammatically correct, you would not say "I texted him" or "I texted him." You would say "I sent him (or her) a text message." Someday the noun 'text' may become a verb, but until then if you use it as such you are a grammaticaly pioneer.
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