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Judy asks...
I need to know the correct way to address an envelope for two doctors that are married and two separate names which comes first? Dr. Teruel DeCampo and Dr. Erika Daniel or does the woman's name come first? Also, I have two women doctors that are married is this right? Mr. Tom Grilli and Dr. Andrea Grilli?
Anne answers...
First, the abbreviation Dr. is used in addressing envelopes only to refer to those in the medical profession and not in academia. So are these physicians? If not, then you address them as Mr. Teruel DeCampo and Ms. Erika Daniel. If they are both physicians, normally the woman's name comes first. So they would be Dr. Erika Daniel and Dr. Teruel DeCampo. If one is a physician and the other is not, then the physician's name goes first, regardless of gender.

Regarding your second question, I'm assuming that the women are both physicians. In this case, follow the rule that the person with the title goes first. So it's Dr. Andrea and Mr. Tom Grilli.
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