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David , a public speaker, asks...
Is it correct to say: "I like those ones." Or is it ever correct to say "those ones" in a sentence? Also I offered somone a good bye by saying, "Drive safe." Is that ever correct? Or should it be "Drive safely." And if you have time for one more. To say, "She had went to the store." The better way to say that is. "She went to the store." But, is that ever correct?
Anne answers...
Depending on the sentence that came before "I like those ones," you might justify using the phrase. However, it's probably better just to say, "I like those." Even though many people say "Drive Safe," it is grammatically incorrect. Drive is a verb and adverbs modify verbs. Safe is an adjective. Safely is the correct adverb form. Finally, "She had went to the store" is NEVER correct. You can say, "She went to the store," as you suggest or you an say "She had gone to the store."
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