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Is it proper to ever end a sentence in a preposition?
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Paul, a Canadian in the US, asks...
The use of "will" has always intrigued me. In Microsoft Word, the use of "will" always receives the "passive voice" moniker and the program suggests revision - as in "this will be done". My question, when is the passive voice ok to use? Does the use of "is to be" as a replacement less passive?
Anne answers...
Microsoft Word is not very analytical when it comes to the fine points of grammar. Passive voice is perfectly all right if the writer intends to use it; however, overuse of it makes one's writing tedious. And, no, "is to be done" is not a good replacement for "will be done." To provide more help, I would need to know the full sentences you are trying to work with, since only then can I offer logical alternatives.
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