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Joe, whose two favorite things to do are ride his Harley and golf, but not at the same time, asks...
Can you please help me make a colleague understand why it is incorrect to say "You and I" after a preposition, like "between". For example, the other day she made this statement: "That's just between Brenda and I". I tell her it's incorrect, that it should be Brenda and me, but she doesn't believe me. Please help.
Anne answers...
This is such a common mistake that I'm afraid someday your friend's use of the pronoun "I" will become acceptable. However, for now, the rule is this: I and me are both pronouns. However, they are used in different situations. I is a subjective case pronoun. Me is an objective case pronoun. "Between" is one of a group of prepositions. And the pronoun you use after a preposition is always in the objective case. So "Brenda and me" is correct.
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