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Kristi, a high school physics teacher, asks...
My nephew is in second grade and recently came home with Indian as spelling word. His teacher did not capitalize it and said it was not a proper noun, but an adjective and should not be capitalized. I was always taught to capitalize the "I" because is was refering to a race of people. Which way is the proper way?
Anne answers...
I always hate to argue with a second grade teacher, but she is wrong on two counts. First, Indian can be used as an adjective, but it is primarily a noun. Second, it is capitalized since it refers to that group of aboriginal peoples who inhabited North and South America before your ancestors and mine showed up. Other words like this include Caucasian and Negroid, both of which are out of vogue today. How you explain to the teacher that she needs to correct her view about "Indian" is up to you. Good luck!
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