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What types of words are made plural by adding "es"
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Gail who loves to dance asks...
I would love to learn to write better with verbs/nouns in the right place. I am rusty with this since I've worked with numbers for 20 years and now work with email alot. Tell me how to enhance spelling and writing. Thanks
Anne answers...
I wish I could give you a prescription to fill at your local pharmacist, one that would raise your grammar IQ automatically. But I can't.So here are my suggestions. If you are only rusty, then I suggest you obtain a grammar book that would help you with various questions. Next, I would practice writing ten minutes a day without trying to edit the work. This is an important activity, maybe second to brushing your teeth; because the more one writes the better one writes. Finally, if your email program has a spellchecker function, I would definitely use it to review my communications before sending them.
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