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Looking Back, Planning Ahead

This monthly newsletter is the last of 2016. It represents a time to review what I’ve done in my writing life this past year and consider what to focus on in 2017.

I started Spectacled Bear Publishing and saw my own children’s picture book, Philip & Phoebe, published this July. Some have asked why I didn’t try to find an agent, but the disadvantages seemed to outweigh the advantages. In today’s world, authors must participate in the marketing efforts regardless of how their work comes into the world. Through Spectacled Bear, I at least have control; and, yes, I am the financial backer as well.

I am pleased with my collaboration with Annie Poon and Keith Carollo, illustrator and designer respectively of the book. And equally pleased with everyone at Walsworth who participated in the printing and fulfillment processes. There are still plenty of books to go out into the world, so the work isn’t done.

Spectacled Bear is a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association, and Philip & Phoebe has been recognized in more than one place for its creativity and quality. It recently was a finalist in the Beverly Hills Book Award contest.

Going forward I have decided not to continue with this newsletter, but to focus my efforts on increasing awareness of Spectacled Bear. For the next few months, I don’t plan to blog regularly on annebrandt.com either. But there are over twelve years of blogs on my own site; and I’m sure you can find something for every occasion.

As the year closes and we all celebrate our personal traditions, I’m including three blogs for the season that are among my favorites. God bless.

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