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We’re Live!!!

Thursday, August 4 was the day. Spectacled Bear Publishing went live at 8 AM, and we received our first orders shortly thereafter. Talk about exciting…

Philip & Phoebe has officially debuted. If you live outside Berrien County, MI, the easiest way to get your copy is through spectacledbear.com. It will be processed and shipped within one business day, with a two to three-day delivery time in most places.

But if you live in Berrien County and want a copy (or two), please contact me directly at anne@annebrandt.com. I’ll deliver your signed copies personally.

Currently, Forever Books in St. Joseph, MI, also stocks Philip & Phoebe; and other local stores will be offering it soon. As they do, their names will be added to the Spectacled Bear Publishing site.

If you support an independent bookstore where you live and would like it to stock Philip & Phoebe, please send me that store’s name and address. I’m glad to contact the owner and work together.

I wrote Philip & Phoebe forty years ago, when my sons were little. Seeing it grow from words on a page to an actual children’s picture book with illustrations by Annie Poon and then printed by Walsworth has been such a rewarding experience. I hope children, parents, and grandparents everywhere enjoy it.

Click on the links below to learn more of what’s behind the scenes at Spectacled Bear and Philip & Phoebe.

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