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Ten minutes to write. Less time to read.


I believe the above guttural sound is attributed to pirates as they charge forth in battle. My take is that it is a cry of panic acknowledging that Christmas is twenty-four days away. That’s less than four weeks.

I wrote last month that I don’t plan to do anything holiday-oriented that doesn’t “call” to me. But as time passes, I’m still feeling the press of a schedule.

I’m having a cookie exchange luncheon. That won’t happen unless I make cookies and offer food. I want to decorate my home for the event, which is twelve days away, but I just now got the boxes with all the decorations down from the attic.

The pre-Christmas schedule is filled with various gatherings; and we’re grateful to be included in others’ celebrations. Still, there’s a time commitment.

We have also solidified our plans for the Big Day, and they require arriving in Nashville, TN, on December 23. Have to plan and pack. Want to bring some ornaments and other items for the season from our home to make the VRBO more like our home.

It’s a busy time, even though I’m cutting back. Which makes me wonder how I’d manage if I weren’t.

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