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When we moved to St. Joseph, MI, there were two Arby’s restaurants in the area. Eventually both closed, and we watched the buildings become eyesores and then tear-downs. Earl was disappointed, because he is a true Arby’s fan. In fact, when we road trip we try to eat at one.

But the local drought is over as of this past week. A brand-new, built-from-scratch Arby’s is now about three miles from our home. We were going to go there for an inaugural sandwich last night, but everyone else in the neighborhood had the same idea. So we postponed the pleasure.  Instead, we went for an early lunch today.

The drive-up window was doing a particularly brisk business, but it didn’t matter. The goal was to find a parking space since we always go inside, order, sit down, and eat. It’s a pause in the day’s activities rather than using the drive to the next store as lunchtime. Earl ordered some barbecuey-bacony-cheesey thing while I opted for a Reuben, something the Arby’s of yesteryear probably didn’t offer.

Bottom line: We’ll be back, not only because Earl likes this change from a burger, but also because the food was actually good.  And the service was outstanding!

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