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Bread + Bar

Six years ago I wrote about a new restaurant in town. It had all the makings of a great addition to the community, except for one thing. The acoustics were atrocious. Back then, I wrote that I’d return when that problem was resolved.

It was. And I did.

Now Bread + Bar is one of my favorite restaurants around. The menu is much more than standard bar food (Not that there’s anything wrong with bar food.) and includes a marvelous cheese board, fantastic salmon served over lentils, amazing breads, and something called French purses. My friend, M, and I have agreed it’s our go-to place for dining together.

There has been just one small problem. M and I like the same “adult” beverage, but since we started frequenting B+B last year, it has never been on the menu. We’ve asked; we’ve asked again. In fact, we probably made pests of ourselves. But tonight we were rewarded with the Southern Comfort we both like.

As we were leaving, Owner/Host Tim, was by the door. So we made a point to stop and thank him. “Ah,” he said. “You’re the ones.” Obviously, we’d made an impression. But then this just proves that old adage about the squeaky wheel.

Thanks, Tim.

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