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Cookie Tins

This afternoon I went in search of cookie tins, since I’m having a luncheon/cookie exchange next week and wanted something attractive to store the goodies I plan to make. My search took me to several local stores but I ended up empty-handed. At Party City, one of the staffers said, “Oh we discontinued those at least three years ago.”

My imagination supplied various reasons. Perhaps the stores returned too many tins after the holidays, since Christmas cookie tins don’t play well in June. Perhaps fewer people are making cookies in the first place. Or perhaps there’s a shortage of tin.

Maybe I’ll find some on the internet, I thought and headed to my computer. Wrote ‘Christmas cookie tins’ in the Google® search field and waited.  Sure enough photos that matched the ones in my mind popped up. Target has round and square tins; but they are four and five dollars apiece respectively. And the closest Target to me is at least an hour away. Before venturing there, I’d also want to make sure they were in stock. This was becoming too much of a project . . .

There were also round cookie tins advertised on the Dollar Tree website, but the catch was you had to buy at least eight. If you wanted rectangles, the minimum quantity was 24.

Maybe you think I’m giving up too easily, but I’ve decided to buy regular plastic airtight containers with red lids and call it a day.

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