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El Rodeo

Last night we had dinner at El Rodeo. We’d gone there recently, and Earl found the Nachos al Carbon much to his liking. Which is why we returned. It’s a very generous serving of nachos, beef, pork, and shrimp all in a sauce. Just perfect for a carnivore who likes fish on the side. Me? I ordered the beef tacos with sides of rice and beans.

It’s true the quality of the Mexican dishes at El Rodeo is growing on me. It’s more authentic than my former favorite restaurant for Mex. The service is very attentive too. But that’s my current complaint.

The host led us to a table away from the door as requested. It was a booth in the back, well lit, warm. Spacious. But we didn’t have a chance to sit down before a server came and asked what we wanted to drink. I usually like to remove my coat and settle in before making such decisions.

But this isn’t a place to linger. So I ordered my drink while fighting with the buttons on my coat. Earl followed suit (No pun intended). And, normally, we don’t order our meal until we’ve enjoyed our cocktail. But as soon as our drinks arrived, we placed our dinner request.

Date Night is our special time together. We don’t always have supper at the same time at home, so when we’re out it’s a special occasion. We like to linger at the front end with a cocktail rather than the back with coffee and dessert.

But if we return to El Rodeo, I’ll know neither will happen. We left our home at 5:06 PM and were back there at 6:07 PM.

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