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Holiday Greetings

I gave up sending Christmas cards almost fifty years ago. I felt obligated to include a note, handwritten with the particular recipient in mind, in each one. It took forever. So the December my ex-husband and I separated, I decided to chuck the entire process. News of our problems wasn’t something to share anyway.

Since then, I’ve held to the No-Cards Rule at the holidays. Even though I still get Christmas cards from people. Even though technology can solve the problem with charming ecards that don’t take forever and don’t cost fifty-five cents each to mail.

Until now.

I found a box of cards that I liked from the MOMA in New York City and another that called to me from an online company called Bas Bleu. Realizing this could be the start of a trend, I decided to order and send them anyway. But no lengthy handwritten message this time; just one sentence or so.

In the end I enjoyed sending my cards to special friends and family. There’s no promise to do it again, but in the scaling down of Christmas this year this is one tradition I may reinstate.


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