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Lobster Rolls

The best lobster roll I ever ate was in Boston. This culinary experience was last April when my son and I were at the Boston Marathon. The memory of this thirty dollar sandwich is still vivid.

Since then I’ve seen lobster rolls on the menu closer to home. Obviously, Red Lobster touts one, and I had it a while back. My recommendation is that you dine at Red Lobster for the warm cheddar biscuits.  The LakeHouse in St. Joseph offers one, but I’ve not sampled it yet. And today I had the lobster roll at Taste in South Haven.

It’s not that I’m an aficionado of the sandwich, but I do have criteria. The lobster must be fresh and plentiful. Celery is a nice touch for crunch, and the dressing needs to be subdued, not overpowering, so as not to compete with the rich lobster meat. I prefer mayo. The filling is served in a hot dog bun with the opening on the top whose sides are lightly toasted. Salt and black pepper are nice too.

The lobster roll at Taste met most of these criteria; in addition it was served in one of those contraptions for serving tacos. That was a nice touch, since the sandwich stood upright and kept the precious lobster from falling all over. There was a lot of lobster too. But the sauce, which definitely had something added to the mayo, was overpowering.  All in all, better than Red Lobster but nothing like Legal Seafood in Boston.

Still, I’m now on a quest to find a good lobster roll here in the Midwest. Recommendations are welcomed.

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