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Yesterday we went to Arby’s for lunch and the St. Joseph River Yacht Club for dinner. For a Labor Day Weekend, I haven’t labored much in the kitchen.

This is the annual Tri-State Regatta Weekend, where sailors from Chicago compete to arrive in St. Joseph on the first leg of a competition. They stay overnight, party, lose sleep, and then sail for Michigan City, IN, and another night of partying and losing sleep before they sail back to Chicago.

We have friends who are avid recreational sailors. They, another couple, Earl, and I went to the yacht club last night for dinner, since it’s the only time the club is open to non-members. It’s been said a sailboat is a hole you throw money into, so we had an opportunity to see how the Upper Class lives. Judging by some of the boats, they have the means to live quite well.

Still, we all paid the same amount for our steaks, corn, pasta salad, Caesar salad, and cookie buffet. We all paid the same for our beverages, and we all enjoyed a gorgeous end-of-summer evening. It’s just that the non-members were ready for bed long before the sailing crews were.

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