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Red Lobster

Today was one of those days when Earl and I zoned out, which meant he didn’t work on real estate projects (Did I mentioned he is still working as a Realtor®?) and I didn’t work on my various volunteer projects.

Instead, we spent the day mellowing together. It started with a brief walk before the heat index reared its ugly head. We opened a new jigsaw puzzle and took a trip to Costco to stock up on meat and toilet paper. I’m pretty sure the meat was more expensive in the end, but sixty rolls of toilet paper aren’t cheap either.

We usually eat lunch at Costco, because what could be more economical that an all-beef hot dog and a drink for $1.50? Particularly, if you’ve been enjoying the free samples as you shop.

But today we went to Red Lobster before visiting Costco. Once there, we chose three appetizers and split them: Lobster pizza, lobster roll, and shrimp pot stickers. All were passable – not like fresh seafood in Boston, but definitely passable. We savored mimosas as well.

Truthfully, visiting Costco on a full stomach is a great idea. We are less inclined to binge buy, although our final bill doesn’t really reflect this. But then we have enough meat and toilet paper to last us until Thanksgiving.

We came home and went to work on the jigsaw puzzle once again. It might seem like life in the slow lane, but for a lazy July Saturday it suits us well.

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