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Restaurant Etiquette

We went to dinner at LakeHouse (There’s no space between those two words, for those who don’t live here.) with good friends tonight. Our table of four was seated next to a table of fourteen, which was probably a holiday party given the season.

We were seated before the fourteen arrived, although the table was set already and it rang a bell in my mind. So when we sat down, we asked our server if she was also tending the table next door. She was not. Which meant we were comfortable that our drinks and food would arrive in a timely fashion.

The fourteen ladies began to show up as we enjoyed our cocktails. At first there were only three or four, but the decibel level in the room increased tenfold. We looked at each other and soldiered on. More ladies came. More noise ensued.

Finally, J asked if we would mind if he told the hostess to move us. Personally, I was thrilled as we could no longer chat among ourselves because of the noisy neighbors. As we left for another table in another room, one of the fourteen said, “I hope we haven’t chased you away.” Actually J was more cordial about that than I would have been.

I give kudos to LakeHouse for handling the situation as it did. I’ve been in other restaurants where I’ve felt I’m the interloper. Not here. We even kept our excellent server in the deal.

Note to ladies who party this time of year: You need to practice your “inside voice.”

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