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Cubs Win One

Yesterday the Chicago Cubs won a home game with the score of 5 to 1 against the St. Louis Cardinals. As a rule, this wouldn’t warrant an individual blog, but the Cubs have had a terrible time since May, losing more than two games for every one they’ve won.

Many of the good players are on the injured list; those who are not are in a slump. And the manager, Craig Counsell is stone-faced except when he’s eating cookies in front of the camera.

He never calls for advice, but Earl and I have plenty for him. First and foremost is to smile. Next is to reconsider his opinion that right handed pitchers pitch better against left handed batters and vice versa. Earl says this is standard baseball practice, but I think Mr. Counsell takes it to the extreme. Additionally, he tends to take the pitcher out before I would. But then he’s played the game for years, and my knowledge of it stems from my son’s Little League experience decades ago.

The irony is that Milwaukee, where Mr. Counsell came from, is in first place in our division . . . without him at the helm. And the Cubs are in fourth. Earl also says a manager is only as good as the players he has to work with. I see that point of view but the things I’ve mentioned are under Counsell’s control.

So far the Chicago press, which can be vitriolic about the city’s sports teams, is biding its time before being super critical. Me? Not so much.

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