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Date Night

Earl and I went to the movies tonight, a very rare occurrence. We don’t like the same type of movies at all, and neither one of us is particularly accommodating to the other’s taste. He wants John Wayne and shoot-em-up-bang-bang. Or an imitation. Me? I’m into Mr. Rogers and animated bunnies.

But “Ford v. Ferrari” seemed like a good compromise. There were good guys, although they weren’t on horses. They drove race cars. There were bad guys too. I didn’t see Mr. Rogers, but the film itself is wholesome, entertaining, and rather gentle unless you consider the car wrecks. Just don’t consider the wrecks, and it’s a Mr. Rogers’ kind of film. You can take your children to it. No swearing, no nudity, nothing to cringe about.

After the movie, we ate at El Rodeo, a local institution across the road from the theater. We’d eaten there before – maybe three or four times in nineteen years – and always found something to critique. Being Earl, he went with an open mind due to a friend’s recommendation of a certain nacho dish. The skeptic in me said nothing.

Bottom line: Earl loved the nacho thingy, and I found the more mundane beef tacos to be adequate. The chips and salsa were quite good too.  So I suspect we’ll return to El Rodeo more often in the next nineteen years, even if we don’t go to the movies beforehand.

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