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July Oneth

How quickly the summer season passes. It’s already July. Granted, there are two full months to go, but it seems as if the days pass with the speed of light.

I looked up the definition of the speed of light and it is the fastest speed in the universe, And, if you’re older, it’s got you in its grip. More than one of my friends comment that they don’t know where the days go. I don’t either.

So what to do about July Oneth?

Maybe stop and consider the clouds? Today it was in the mid-seventies here; perfect weather for just enjoying the weather. Maybe watch the sunset; there haven’t been many good ones this year – although I don’t know why – so we should enjoy those that are. Maybe smell the roses. Or the lilacs. Or eat a tomato from a farm stand.

Or stop and appreciate all simple things because the speed of light waits for nothing.

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