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Kaminski Farms Meats

This afternoon Earl and I had an adventure. He had read an article recently about the difference between meat one buys at a supermarket and meat one buys directly from a meat farm.

Farm fresh meat has no preservatives, while the supermarket variety needs them to make it look fresh and give it a longer shelf life. Buying farm fresh meat also means you know specifically where it came from and how it was raised.

I told Earl if he could find such a farm around here, I’d be willing to check it out, provided we didn’t have to buy a quarter or a half of an animal to do so. He countered by finding Kaminski Farms Meats ( www.kaminskifarms.com) and suggesting I study that site. I did and was impressed not only with the variety of products – beef, pork, poultry, lamb, and goat – but also with the pricing. Granted, it was a little higher than the supermarket, but not exorbitant. And I expected better quality for the difference in cost.

And that’s how the afternoon found us near Three Oaks, MI, on a country road looking for Kaminski Farms. And quite a place it is. The retail store is filled with several freezers, each holding one type of meat in various portions and cuts.

We chose four half pound burgers, four all beef hot dogs, and two small tenderloins while we listened to the lady of the house describe how she sends the animals to be slaughtered, packaged, and flash frozen once a month. We told her we’d never done this before, but if we liked it we’d be back.

She smiled as if she already knew we would return.

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