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Project 2025

Suddenly Project 2025 is gaining more traction in the media. It’s a controversial document created by conservative and right-wing proponents for reshaping the United States federal government for when the next Republican nominee is elected President. It is assumed that might be Mr. Trump.

At almost one thousand pages, I’m not suggesting you read it word for word. But regardless of whether you are a conservative, a Democrat, a Green Party supporter, an Independent, a liberal, a MAGA, a regular Republican, or an I-Can’t-Vote-For-Either-Presumptive-Nominee, it’s essential that you understand this document.

For my money, the best explanation of what Project 2025 proposes to do, without being hysterical or bipartisan, is Wikipedia’s take on it. You can read it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_2025.

Heather Cox Richardson has taken up the gauntlet too, but she is quite liberal and probably would turn off those who are not. Still, whatever your political persuasion, it’s always wise to read what the other side thinks.

Briefly Project 2025 hopes to overhaul the federal government by putting most of the power in the executive branch, rather than the checks and balances of the three branches we have now. It seeks to replace 50,000 civil employees with people who are loyal to the president. It wants to eliminate education as we know it and create an authoritarian, Christian nationalist autocracy. And this is just the beginning.

Maybe you think this is ridiculous. But then, do you think it’s ridiculous that the Supreme Court granted immunity to presidential behavior. Or that it overturned existing law? Or that it decreed companies were individuals?

In this day and age, what is really ridiculous?

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