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Yay for the W

This afternoon Earl and I watched the first all-female broadcast for the Cubs as they played the Los Angeles Angels in Wrigley Field. While I thought the three women – Beth Mowins, Elise Menaker, and Taylor McGregor – certainly knew their baseball, some of the side banter was less interesting.  But I would say that of the usual male broadcasters too.

Apparently the sports world is slowly accepting that women can be as knowledgeable in their particular sport as men can be even if the “sport” is calling the game.

Research on the internet reveals that the NFL had its first all-female broadcast team cover a game between the Tennessee Titans and the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2018. The NHL did it in 2020. And the NBA did it last year. I hope there are more broadcasts to come.

Incidentally, the Cubs won 5-0, and we flew the “W” flag. Today it also stood for Women as well as for Win.

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