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“Thankful” Covers a Lot of Ground

The best part of November comes at the end of the month when Thanksgiving arrives. I love this holiday for many reasons. There is no requirement to decorate a tree or find costumes for your children. There are no obligatory gifts to purchase or carols to learn. There are no greetings that must be mailed by a certain date. Instead, it’s all about food, family, and friendship.

It’s about being thankful too, although sometimes that gets lost in the equation. So I’ve included a blog I wrote in 2004 to help us remember the real meaning of Thanksgiving. In the meantime, I’m not waiting to express my thoughts about some other things I’m thankful for.

How often is it 75 degrees on November 1. That’s what it was this year where I live. How often do the Chicago Cubs win the World Series? Everyone knows this answer; it’s once every 108 years. The Billy goat’s curse is lifted. I’m sorry for Cleveland, the other team, and for its 68-year drought. But they’re new to disappointment from this Chicago fan’s point of view.

And the election! Like many, I couldn’t wait until it was over; and I’m thankful that it is. I only wish the great divides it has caused would go away too. I’ve included a blog from Election Eve in 2008 to show how divisive things have been. And still are.

And then there’s my own world which has consisted of a lot of dental work in October and a lot of self-chastising about not working out. I’d worked out faithfully for 12 years, but when my trainer left the Renaissance Athletic Center this past May I seem to have left the building with him. Gained five pounds; probably lost that much muscle and pretty much started down the couch potato route. It’s a long story, but I’ve returned to working out as of November 1. Wish me luck. And read a blog I wrote just a month ago about getting back on track.

Finally, for residents of Berrien County, my new children’s picture book, Philip & Phoebe, is among the treasures for sale at the Krasl’s Artisan Market, beginning today and going through Sunday. Please support the Market where you can find great gifts for the upcoming holidays at reasonable prices. We all can be thankful for getting a start on our shopping.

And Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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