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New Skills

Now that I’m not fettered by a job I’ve decided there are some skills I should attempt to learn.  Some probably would have been helpful in the aforementioned job, but I never had the motivation then.  Now I do.  It’s a function of time.

I plan to give up my land line and rely only on my cellphone for telecommunication.  It’s a financial thing, since my son the professor is about the only person who calls me regularly on that line, for which we pay over $100 a month.  Of course, the services include three-way conversations, caller ID, call waiting, and voicemail.  They also cover a second line for a fax machine.  And while these features were useful in my work world, Kevin and I never use any of them. So buh-bye.

I’m also going to learn how my Bluetooth works. And how the clock radio in the kitchen is programmed.  And how we can view movies on our big TV from our little DVD player. And – hold your breath here – maybe join Facebook and Twitter to enhance the “platform” that literary agents want aspiring authors to have these days.

It all makes me realize how twentieth century I still am, even if we’re into the second decade of the twenty-first century.  In fact, if I master all of the above, I shall still be behind the learning curve.  Google® glasses, iPads, and whatnot await me in the future.

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