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Today Earl and I flew the “W” as the Cubs beat the Marlins on home ground.

Believe me, it’s an emotional experience that will most likely be grist for various blogs through the summer. Still, I know readers might not be interested. So perhaps I should put an asterisk in the title in case you want to support me but don’t want to read about baseball.

My first memories of the game were as a pre-teen, when my Mother listened to games on the radio. Raised in New York City, her allegiance was to the Giants. But, to give her credit, she always rooted for the home team wherever we lived. And we moved a lot.

Years later, my son played Little League in Arlington Heights. As a lefty, he was good at first base and pitched an inning or two. I learned the nuances of the game from him.

Even more years later, there is a wonderful photo of my Mother and stepfather at a Cubs game. It was probably 30 years ago. And when she died I had the photo made into a poster that was displayed at her funeral, because it was iconic her.

And now, in the second decade of the twenty-first century, Earl and I continue the tradition. We love to hear the “Go, Cubs, Go” anthem when they win. Written by Steve Goodman in 1984, it is sung at every winning home game as the “W” flag ascends the pole to end the day.

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