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Changing Leaders

While America’s front runners for the office of President continue to bash each other for another four months, England accepted a new Prime Minister today after David Cameron announced his resignation a couple weeks ago.

I don’t know the ins and outs of the British system, but it seems a lot more logical in terms of filling the highest public office in the land.  In our country, candidates began their campaigns at the beginning of 2014.  By the time it’s over, we’ll have been at this almost two years.  And Congress’s work has ground to a halt in the meantime.

Perhaps there were disgruntled people in England two years ago, but they and the government seemed to be going about their various businesses. I don’t think Cameron even considered stepping down back then; and surely the new Prime Minister, Theresa May, wasn’t actively lobbying and campaigning for the job.

But then Brexit occurred, and Great Britain chose to leave the European Union. It wasn’t a landslide vote, but it was enough for Cameron – who’d rallied the people to stay in the EU – to admit defeat and resign. It was all very British.

And, despite a nasty campaign over Brexit, it was still so much more civilized than the Donald and Hillary Show.

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